Case Study Summary

Northshore Exteriors is a roofing company specializing in storm damage and insurance claims. They came to us with a vision of helping home owners living in a small Lake Michigan community who were hit by a storm the year before. They knew of at least three insurance claims that had been made for roof damage, which led them to believe there had to be more.

The Target

Our first step was to identify a target market. The Homestead resort is a condominium development in the area. With some research, we were able to learn of some storm damage that had resulted in insurance claims. We identified our primary target as the owner’s association with over 300 condos. From here, the owner of Northshore Exteriors made contact with the head of the association and arranged for him to forward an email that was created by our marketing team.


Developing The Plan

Elements of the Funnel

  • 3 sales letters to be automatically scheduled based on open rates.
  • 1 landing/squeeze page that includes design, copy, an integrated┬ácalendar for scheduling inspections, and pixel code for tracking those who do not opt-in.
  • Thank you page that will send those who opt-in directly to, so they can learn more about the company.
  • 1 retargeting ad that will follow those who have been to the squeeze page but not opted-in. The ad will speak of the urgency and the benefits.
  • Management of the funnel and retargeting ads.

Presenting Our Case and Creating Urgency

We knew going in that we would have to grab the attention of our email recipients and get our point across quickly. We decided a video would allow us to accomplish this task and drive home the price of not working with our client.

The window to make a claim from the storm we chose was closing. The risk you are taking by not having your roof inspected by a claim specialist is that if the damage is found later, it is your responsibility.

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The Email

We carefully crafted sales copy and designed an email presenting our case and the video. At the bottom, we included a call to action that allowed the customer to schedule a no obligation inspection from anywhere in the country. Most of these homeowners are only here in the summer months, so we wanted to make this as effortless as possible.

Once the call to action button was clicked, the prospect was taken to a landing page that explained in detail what they could expect to receive. We also included trust building tools like photos and testimonials. A countdown timer to reiterate urgency, a call button, and a schedule button.

In the end, our email and video campaign resulted in 6 jobs equaling more than $86,000 in revenue for Northshore Exteriors.

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