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The way that people interact with each other has is changing. Social media is now the easiest and most effective form of communication. With the power of social media, a business is able to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently. This is a dream come true for business owners who are looking to invest in a marketing strategy that works. Our team creates specific social media marketing and advertising strategies that can be implemented into any type of business. The strategies created are based on dedicated research, competitor analysis, and other hard facts that make each specific business produce results.

Why Our Northern Michigan Advertising Agency Is Different

LeadPlan Marketing was formed around a gap found in the Northern Michigan marketing industry. We found that other “marketing” agencies were providing different pieces of the marketing puzzle but not providing solutions. Social media marketing and advertising make up just one part of the marketing machine. LeadPlan Marketing makes sure that these parts are properly working to achieve the main goal of growing the business. Our focus with social media management is more than just the casual post on a Facebook timeline. We put together a well-thought out plan that consists of page optimization, audience research, advertising campaigns, creative services, and consistent brand awareness.

Our team of social media experts has worked with Traverse City business owners for years and we understand how local businesses think and operate. We will get into the mindset of either a small business owner or a CEO of a large company so that we can clearly speak to specific customers.

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