Digital Marketing Case Study: Onnit

Have you ever wondered how companies like, ONNIT get over a half a million clicks from Google each month?! How do these companies gain this kind of traction in search? How does that traffic convert into sales and how can you take a piece of the pie for your brand?

We break down the digital marketing strategy of ONNIT to show you exactly what it takes to achieve these kinds of results. It won’t be easy, nor will it be quick but if you stay the course, the rewards can be life-changing.

Each year hundreds of new brands enter the natural products and supplements space and each year, hundreds fail, go out of business or never get close to gaining the market share they should. Though this brand we are featuring is available in brick and mortar outlets, more and more of these brand types are skipping retail and going directly to eCommerce. eCommerce offers a more cost-effective way to scale but that doesn’t mean it won’t take investment capital, planning and having the right team. As they say, nothing worth having comes easy.

Every supplement or natural product marketing strategy should hit upon the 5 pillars of sales conversions created by our team at LeadPlan Marketing. We have learned from experience and working with many different types of product lines that if one of these pieces is missed, a sale will not accrue. Each pillar has tactics within in it.

  Pillar #1 “Find us”: ONNIT’s plan to be found.


Touting an average estimated monthly click value of $219k this brand is definitely a power player. They currently rank for 6,886 keywords in Googles top 50 and from those keywords, they receive an estimated 594k clicks on average each and every month. Their staple product Alpha Brain has an average Amazon monthly revenue of $163,977. Not bad for a months work! So how do you get your brand to sell like this? Well, let’s start by doing a little keyword research.

Here are the top 17 keywords that are driving traffic for Onnit. Currently ranking for over 6000 keywords total. (email us and we can give you the entire list)

These are organic rankings. Meaning they rank without paying for them. As you can see all are driving 10’s of thousands of clicks a month and some are even hundreds of thousands. The ranking difficulty is above 50 for all of these which means it will take a lot of constant work over time to get a piece. This is why keyword research is important. Making sure the keywords you are baking into your content are words that are being searched continuously is essential.

So why do they rank so well for these keywords?

Onnit consistently serves its visitors high quality, fresh, keyword rich content each and every month. Something that is very important to Google. They recognize that people love the site because of the amount of traffic is doing and because of that, a sort of snowball effect has taken place. The website features several landing pages, video content, a store, resources for health, nutrition and training, and really serves the target audience ONNIT is looking to attract. The site is also 8 years old, proof that good SEO takes time but will pay off in the long run.


The company also spends over $11k a month on pay per click advertising with Google to drive even more traffic. About 12k more clicks to be exact.

Display Ads

Ads containing the proper messaging to impact your audience and carefully placed where they will see it is another way to be found by the right people. When we say the right people we mean those most likely to buy your product. Based on the research you hopefully did before designing your marketing strategy you should have a pretty good idea of the types of sites they will be visiting. In the case of ONNIT, these are ads that display in various health and nutrition-related websites throughout the Google network.

  Pillar #2 “Know us”:

So, now that you’ve found ONNIT, they need a plan for you to get to know them. What they’ve done is create a kettlebell program that you can do at home. They know you’re interested in getting fit and not only will you get to know them more with this program but you will also begin to trust them. Because if you do this program and see some results, now they have delivered value to you before you ever spent a dime with them.
Along with this, ONNIT has created a podcast around the idea of “Human Optimization.” Each episode featuring incredible people like Olympic gold mentalists, coaches, leaders in the health and wellness industry, models, CEO’s and a lot more. While you are getting to know them, they are also establishing boatloads of credibility. That credibility translates into Pillar #3- Trust us.

  Pillar #3 “Trust us”:

ONNIT is a leader in providing resources to those who are striving to be the very best they can be. They are providing everything you need from, info, education, certifications, supplements, how to eat, and how to train. They are partners with famous comedian and cage fighting announcer Joe Rogan as well, so they are bleeding credibility. Along with that, they have 5 stars from Amazon and people genuinely love their products.

  Pillar #4 “Purchase us”:

Once all of these pillars have been achieved and only when these have been achieved can you ask for the purchase. This is when you begin to serve retargeting ads or email offers with discounts, incentives, and special offers.
In the end, you can see that the works pays off. ONNIT is a $28million a year revenue generator. Below is a look at monthly sales revenue for a handful of ONNIT products.

  Pillar #5 “Talk About us”:

To achieve growth like Onnit, it takes more than just sales – and even fabulous customer service (which they do offer.) You need champions for your brand – evangelists. Through affiliation/partnership with celebrity Joe Rogan, Onnit has both amplified and accelerated their efforts – leading to big wins in both brand recognition and a buzz of social sharing/engagement.

Onnit has invested in both a dialogue with its fans, soliciting both engagement, and reviews. With more than half a million followers on Instagram and 120K subscribers on YouTube, they have a total social reach of more than 15 Million monthly – with engagements approaching 185k in just one week.

Getting others to talk about you isn’t just about social media chatter – even though praise like Onnit gets does move the needle.

Grassroots Evangelists: Onnit has merchandise that customers love to wear, a culture of “Total Human Optimization” that their fans want to be a part of, and seeks out reviews (1,800+ on Amazon for their flagship Alpha Brain Supplement.)

They also sell fitness gear and apparel that lends itself to positive consumer conversations about both quality and design. Doing remarkable things with a dialed-in brand script and making remarkable product lines makes both customers and strangers talk about you.

The natural products industry is an $11.5 BILLION dollar market that is expected to grow by 12.5 percent between now and 2026.

Each year, thousands of new brands enter the space. Developing a high-quality product that produces amazing results, coupled with a professional launch, is key to standing out and achieving success.

At LeadPlan Marketing, we have partnerships with several manufacturing facilities, labs and product designers, because effectively branding a product starts with the product’s creation.  These partnerships are part of the reason LeadPlan Marketing is so unique as a marketing agency to the natural products and supplements industry.

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