Over the years, marketing has evolved from print to broadcast media and now into digital. A digital marketing strategy is imperative for your business. The risk of not implementing a strong digital marketing strategy is that your competitors may poach your prospects by positioning themselves as the authority of your industry, offering comprehensive user experience at their website and continuously engaging them online to stay top of mind.

If you are someone who is paying for traffic, whether pay-per-click advertising or ongoing SEO, it is important that your website is set up to convert properly. Your website should engage the user at each point of the buyer’s journey and ultimately convert them into a sale.

Our forensic website audit will identify the weak links in your site’s conversion ability and outline a plan to fix it.

Here’s what you’ll get.



  • A complete review of the website’s visual layout and design


  • A website that converts well must have the proper messaging. We boil it down to strong WHO, WHAT, and WHY statements and place them in just the right sequence to convert leads.

Conversion Audit

  • Review of your visitor’s behaviors and navigation flow to make sure the website funnel is optimized.
  • Exit intent strategy

SEO & Content

  • Keyword research and ranking history
  • Competitor research and comparison
  • Keyword and content opportunities
  • Technical SEO report (meta titles, descriptions, heading tags, load time, etc.)


Keyword Research

After our audit, we will create a short list of relevant keywords that will be further refined until we have keywords that provide the most value and are most relevant for your PPC ad campaign.

All of our research will be done on the Google Keyword Planner.

The list of relevant keyword research will be formatted and saved in Google Sheets and will be shared with you for your viewing and approval.


Audit Reporting

Once the audit is completed, our team will meet with you via screen share or face to face to present the report. We will carefully go through each portion in great detail. After we have presented the audit, we will deliver a plan to assure your website is doing its job and converting at its highest potential. Should you choose to hire us to complete the work, your audit is FREE.


6 + 10 =

“Most people don’t think about what a website should actually be doing for them. They just think they need a place with bios and pictures. The truth is, there is a science behind getting leads from your website. You need to know where traffic is coming from, what they are looking for, and where they are spending their time on the site.”

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