Body Specs

Body Specs is a personal training facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan that focuses on orthopedic rehabilitation and physique development for athletes. The training center is run by its owner Skip Bunton, a men’s magazine top 100 fitness trainer. He is a man who knows what he wants and accepts no excuses. So we knew we would have to “dig deep”  to deliver something that would really get him excited. Pun intended.


  • Increase memberships
  • Increase class signups
  • Become the authority in the Ann Arbor fitness community



  • Not mobile friendly
  • Duplicate content
  • Low conversion rates
  • No direct path to conversion
  • Confusing layout
  • Information overload


– Mobile first design

– Aspirational messaging

– Bold visuals and design tone

– Leverage team education level

– Highlight awards and accreditations

– HDR photos for process, team, and main header

– Custom evaluation form for each sport to capture leads

– Include the blog content from current Blogger website

– Redirect URL to

– Include class/event schedule

– Exit Intent Strategy: Offer a free class 

“The site is STUPENDOUS more than I expected it would be …kudos to your very TALENTED team…JUST outstanding!!”

Come Together

310 W. Front St #308
Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 714-0290

Toll Free: (877) 280-6486

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