School Enrollment Marketing Service

With Schools of Choice, parents can send their children to any school they wish. Why should they choose yours? How will you tell them your school is the best choice? How will you be sure your message even gets to them?

It’s the old additive “If you don’t have a plan you’re planning to fail”.  Successful businesses have solid marketing plans. Why should your school be any different?

Our system will:

  • Identify the top 5 types of students changing schools in your area.
  • Capture their attention with content that relates to them and is found in a place where they will see it.
  • Engage people from other areas who are considering a move to your area.
  • Track students and parents who engage with the content while capturing their information.
  • Invite them to explore your school and see the benefits.
  • Keep in touch with them, even if they choose another school.
  • Tell your school’s story using new modern platforms.
  • Get your school’s information to qualified candidates through traditional means of marketing.
  • Build strong relationships with your students through social media.

Schedule a Presentation

You need a real strategy to grab the attention of these potential students and their parents. The beginning of the decision-making process is your first impression and is crucial in increasing enrollment. You need a plan to build a relationship every step of the way, right up to the day they enroll. You need to keep a relationship going even if they choose another school. You need a lead plan. You need LeadPlan Marketing.

We will come to your school, meet with the board, and present a strategy that fits within your annual marketing budget.

We are passionate about what we do and the communities we support. Our satisfaction comes from seeing your school grow, succeed, and make an impact on today’s youth.

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