For years we have bragged on commercials and shouted our information at people who are just waiting for their program to come back on. Sometimes we got lucky and someone would call to inquire about business. The types of leads coming from these advertisements are equivalent to a stranger on the bus. You never know what you’re going to get. Believe me; we’ve worked in the TV industry for years and wrote commercials using every formula under the sun. We’re not saying TV commercials didn’t generate leads for businesses but we are telling you about results we received!

Introducing the Internet! Google is one of the most powerful tools we have at our fingertips and this provides access to the world’s library of information. There are no boundaries. Yesterday we were looking at posts on Facebook created by people around the globe and under these posts are translate buttons.  We don’t even have language barriers anymore. Let’s go back to the world of Google. Anything you want to know at any time is right there and easy to access. “How to bake a cake”, “How to build a tree fort”, “What are the best restaurants in the area?”, “Is it time to seal my deck?”, “What should I seal it with?”, and the list goes on forever.

People are searching Google every day looking for answers to their questions. These people are in the awareness part of decision making process. They are gathering information about that deck stain until something attracts them.  They are going over content and reading about all of their options and which makes the most sense. Let’s go back to when you were single (or maybe you currently are) and you wanted to attract that perfect girl or guy. You can’t attract them unless you first jump into the game and THEN you need to stand out from the others.  It’s a lot easier to capture someone’s attention when they are purposefully looking for something you may have to offer.

By creating content or information about your business, you are jumping in the game and letting everyone know that you’re available. You’re writing articles about the best deck stains and the best ways to apply it. You have videos showing the proper techniques and photos of what decks look using the wrong technique or products. Everywhere the consumer looks, the information they find is provided by your company. Eventually it clicks in their mind and they think “these guys are the professionals!” and they end up at your website.

We are now in the consideration portion of their process. You’ve attracted them and now they are starting to consider what it would be like to have a mate like you…I mean a painting company like yours taking care of them 🙂

You have more materials on your website that help build trust and confidence that you are the right choice. Now before they leave you must get their phone number, I mean….capture their information as a business lead. You can do this by offering something unique that grabs their attention and makes them take action. Maybe you offer them a free video series on how to choose the right deck stain and to receive the series they just have to give you their email. Congratulations! You have captured someone’s information that you KNOW is in the market to have their deck re-stained.

Within the video series there is a call to action which includes a “free estimate” button and perhaps they decide to call you right away to schedule an appointment. Or maybe they decide to wait. No matter what action they take, the qualified customer’s email is stored in a database which you have access to at any time. You aren’t letting those good leads fall through the cracks and you are always inviting them back. It’s just like when I met my wife. Do you really think a woman like that just goes after a guy like me? No way José! I had to stay persistent, attract her, capture her interest, gain her trust, and ask her to marry me about 50 times! Okay… maybe not 50 times but you get the point 🙂

By the way, I know through this whole article you’re thinking “I’m not a writer. I’m not a videographer. I don’t now Internet Marketing and even if I did, I don’t have the time”. That’s okay! That’s why LeadPlan Marketing is here to help you bring in qualified leads that will result in long lasting business relationships.

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