Adobe has recently released a new program from a beta version to a live 1.0 version, Adobe XD. Adobe XD (which stands for Experience Design) is an all-in-one user-experience/user-interface solution used for designing website wireframes, mobile apps, and more. With Adobe XD, you can design, prototype, and even share any project. So, why should you care? Because this software makes website design easier on the designer’s end, which is extremely important. Having a good design for your website is more important now than it has ever been.


Why Web Design is Important

Adobe XD allows designers an easier and more customizable avenue of creating designs and wireframes, but why does that matter to you? Because, as previously stated, good design on your website is crucial.

First Impression

Good website design does a few things. First and foremost, your website is going to be a consumer’s first impression of you when they find you online. If you have an unappealing website, odds are they are going to think you have an untrustworthy business and move onto one of your competitors. Your site allows consumers the opportunity to see your brand and brand messaging.


A good design allows consumers to feel a bit of trust right off the bat. Nobody is going to work with your company if they can’t trust you. According to a research study titled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, when people were asked why they mistrusted a website, 94 percent commented something that was directly related to the design of the site. While only 6 percent mentioned something directly related to the content of a website. Although conducted for health specific websites, it seems practical that the same principals will apply to most, if not all, industries.


Another reason why good design matters is because it’s the base of how the site will navigate. Navigation is a huge part of the user experience (UX) on a website. Websites that are hard to navigate will frustrate consumers quickly, and they will lose interest and move on. Meanwhile, a website with good navigation will not only keep people interested, but they can get lost down the so-called “rabbit hole” and spend a lot of time your site. Here are some examples of good and bad website navigation.


How This All Relates

So, you now understand why good web design is important to your new website, but why should you care that we are using Adobe XD? A few reasons. It has more customizable features than other software options like Photoshop. This allows our designers to turn your wildest and craziest website wishes can turn into a reality. The main reason though as to why you should care about Adobe XD is it expedites our design process and time between site design and site development. This means our job can be done more efficiently, and at the end of the day allows us to speed up our internal processes, meaning your new site will be launched quicker.


Adobe XD is the Future, and LeadPlan Marketing is on Board

At LeadPlan Marketing we love being ahead of the curve, and right now that means getting comfortable with Adobe XD. Most marketing agencies are yet to use Adobe XD, but not us. This software will soon be the standard for web design and wireframing in our industry, and we are happy to be one of the first in Michigan to be on board.

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