When potential customers stumble upon your landing page, they are going to be curious about who you are as a company and what you stand for. An “about me” page of your company infuses trust into the potential customer.

An “about me” page should focus on the foundation of the business such as experience, background, and the academic training of the fellow employees. The “about me” page probably won’t receive as high of an amount of the site’s traffic, but it allows the people who view the page to retrieve answers. What details should be included in the “about me” page for consumers needs to know?

Who are you?

As a consumer, they want to know what kind of business they are helping. Is this business a huge corporation such as a Fortune 500 company, or is this a small, local company? Mentioning the location of your business adds an extra personal touch.

What motivated you to go into business?

Each business has a unique reason why they wanted to do what they are doing. Some went into business so that they can provide a product at a reasonable, competitive price. Other companies went into business to bring up a specific need. If your company produces customized products, mention and explain what kind of products they are.

Who is our company supporting?

A lot of people assume that this portion would include the basic photos of customer service agents. To clarify, this does not belong on any eCommerce site! This is not personal! Odds are, consumers have seen this agent “employed” at other companies. This section should provide pictures of your staff, at all levels of employment, to grant your audience to see how your company is supporting real people and families. To allow your audience to see this side of your company, provide photos in the workplace so they won’t be confused with stock images that are on the internet.

What are some important causes your company support?

Consumers want to know how a company’s profits are used to help others? Some consumers tend to associate more with a company if they support deserving causes. If granted, incorporate logos of supported organizations and links to their website on your company’s website.

How do you handle your business?

When deciding if a consumer should do business with a company, a critical point for them in swaying their decision comes down to how you present yourself. Show your audience what your ambitions are and how you, as a company, can deliver a memorable experience to them. By being honest with your audience about your goals and ambitions, it helps build trust with your customers about what your true intentions are.

Have you received any rewards?

Some customers look for credibility in companies. A lot of credibility comes from the awards a company receives. Make sure to include a timeline of your achievements that include the official logos and digital certificates to include int he timeline, if possible.

The goal for a company’s “about me” page is to connect with the potential shoppers. Infuse personality and colors to the page to make this a crucial part of the shopping experience. This isn’t a page to sell your products or services. If the consumer feels a connection with the company, they will navigate themselves to the products or services page.

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